A story of Champchevrier

In the Loire Valley, the heart of a wooded area, lies the castle Champchevrier, inhabited by the same family since the early eighteenth century.

On the foundations of an ancient fortress, family Daillon built in the sixteenth century a dwelling elegant Renaissance. One hundred years later, is added to this house a house of classic style with its lined railings opening onto a park and a moat terrace.

The estate was bought by Jean-Baptiste de la Rue du Can, who by letters patent of King Louis XV becomes Baron Champchevrier. The current owners are the direct descendants.

It is a traditional castle as Champchevrier hosts VIPs first and foremost the king who by his apartment. It was Louis XIII who came to inaugurate the first « Royal Room » and is Daillon Francis, governor of the king’s brother, who welcomes. This is certainly the only castle where King « slept on straw. » The archives of his personal physician evidenced. They teach us that the king arrived at half past six, looked at the pond, had dinner, and « can not sleep on a satin cushion, made to fetch fresh straw, gets top shirt and s ‘sleeps up to three hours and a quarter. survey, clothed tasted … he takes his gun, go to the barnyard and goes shoot pigeons …  » He was only 18.

Today this room is decorated with Louis XVI furniture whose history is also original. The records tell us that in 1787 and 1788 the Baroness Champchevrier and two girls decide to develop the cultivation of mulberry trees and the rearing of silkworms. They harvest 580 cocoons, they give to a factory tour. It weaves the silk and the lady will be able to cover the bed and canopy and all the chairs a lovely raspberry silk.

In the dining-room now, or « living portraits », the floor is of Italian marble, and wood Louis XV a very pale yellow are decorated with chinoiserie, exotic animals, monkeys, parrots and fruit in sepia tones. A little hidden in the woodwork door opens on the old freight elevator that still works today.

At the end of the room is a large ceramic stove dating from 1780, which is the leading form of naval gun decorated with dolphins and balls attached by chains. Made by the King Stove Fitting He was originally a royal command to the castle of Richelieu and remains unique.

In two large rooms, one can admire a beautiful Regency period furniture, and a set of unique tapestries after the « Loves of the Gods » and following the « Journey of Odysseus, » according cartons Simon Vouet, and another suite of Beauvais tapestry representing greens.

Drawn as always by the barns and the imprint of time and successive generations, I went up in the attic, and there is happiness for a romantic memories; Dozens of small rooms and a huge following corridor through the entire house. I open all the cabinets and trunks overflowing with rolls of wallpaper and fabrics of the eighteenth and nineteenth century antique curtains lounges, linons white embroidered lace, fringes, silk.

In other trunks and closets, boxes broken collar, starched shirt fronts, liveries, and even more valuable-of Louis XVI silk vests and purple coats embroidered with gold. In the laundry, linen and embroidered figure of the family of Beatrice towels.

Beatrice Bizard was 25 years old when she arrived at Champchevrier. His mother was, of course, the lady of the house and ran the field with his son Jacques. Gradually, she has tamed the big house that she has an anchor point for children and their cousins. In 1995, a turning point was when Peter started with Beatrice and they decide to open the castle to the public during the three summer months, while maintaining a private party.

And it is with enthusiasm that they organized this new life.